Sunday, May 07, 2006

inflatable weekend

As regular readers of the blog may have noticed, I’m not a terribly adventurous sort. I will however try new things on occasion. Sometimes they can be fun, too.

An opportunity presented itself to help out my friend Angie, who works part time for an entertainment supply company, K&T Entertainment. K&T rents out inflatable party games and other items to private parties, public festivals and various other events. She had to take some inflatable games to an after-prom party for Giles High School in Pearisburg and she wanted some good strong help. Instead she got me. LOL

Seriously, she chose me because I was strong enough to lift the games, insomniac enough to stay up all night making sure people didn’t steal anything and I wanted the extra money.

We had to be set up by 11:00 PM, so we spent most of the afternoon driving. First to Troutville to pick up the truck of games, then to Pearisburg to start setting up by dark in the old high school gym.

I was not prepared for the depth of games that Kynn and his crew at K&T stacked in the truck. We had four inflatable games: a laser-tag maze, bungee-cord races, an obstacle course, and something that was akin to a log roll with pillows for a pillow fight. You have to see it to understand it. We also had a simulated sumo wrestling setup (with heavily padded outfits and helmets that looked like “sumo hair.” And a major poker & blackjack setup with fake cash.

I also was not prepared for how heavy all this stuff was. We keep a lot of outdoor stuff at the club, but it’s usually pretty easy to put up and haul. This stuff was easy to put up, but hauling was a challenge. Some of the games were rolled up wrong from other events which made them cumbersome. Angie said she didn’t fully explain what we were going to get into for fear I’d turn her down. It was hard, but I couldn’t have turned Angie down for any more extra effort than it took. It was good for me, I think

I must thank the party volunteers and students at Giles High for their cooperation. The volunteers were very easy to work with and gave us plenty of help and snacks. The kids were more than appreciative of the rides, and we left with all of our stuff intact.

In between the heavy lifting, Angie and I were treated to five hours of maintaining games and generally sitting around. I brought plenty to read and Angie brought “Wedding Crashers” on DVD, along with her laptop computer.

The party ended around 4:30 AM and we began the long arduous task of getting everything back together. Letting the air out was easy, but rolling everything back together was a challenge. I have to ay, that we were able to put everything back in the truck easier than we were able to take it out, finishing up around daybreak.

Kynn had rented the panel truck for the party transport, so we raced back to Troutville to beat a 9:00 AM deadline at Avis. Luckily we had a lot of help to unload the truck: Kynn and his friends and co-workers Adrian and Jason. They even had cookies when we got back to the warehouse. After we helped drop off the truck, and then dropped off Kynn at his house, Angie and had breakfast and she drove me home.

I have to say that Angie pulled off a Herculean effort. She has so much to do: work, grad school, coaching soccer, and she still helps out Kynn every chance she gets. She did a day event in Roanoke for K&T, came and got me at home and drove all that way and back, worked hard during, and still maintained her composure. She’s made of strong stuff, folks. I wish she were made for me, but hell, that’s another story.

It’s cool to do something different on a weekend, and I really appreciate the chance to do what I did.


  1. she sounds about as disinterested in sleep as you are, as capable as she is of wearing all those hats.......

    unfortunately, the role of 'keeper of Steven's heart' requires no herculean effort on her part....

    lots of work! I would have been soo too sleepy to pack up. Once it gets past 4am I get jammy eyes. I used to work graveyard. hard. I know these things.

  2. It's funny. If her love could be bought, I'd already have bought it, but it's not ever going to happen. I can settle for being her friend, but I have a really hollow spot inside where her love for me should be.

    Still, it's fun to hang out all night wth her. I had some slow moments, but she gave me a can of Red Bull, which helped out a lot.