Thursday, May 18, 2006

talk talk

I did a lot of talking today. 2 interviews, 3 phone calls, 1 worn-out blogger.

Things are looking real good job-wise, but that’s all I’m gonna say about it until I hear something more concrete

I have an interview today and I’m hoping that will go well, but Allen is coming home this evening so I fear the day will not end well.

I need some sleep.


  1. Thanks Kris. The interview today went pretty well, and I hope to hear something by this time next week.

    It's hard to gauge these things. I thought I did pretty well with all three interviews, but you never know until you get that actual offer.

  2. Good luck with everything! You're on too much of a roll to let Allen get you down.

    When dealing with government employment, just be aware that things can move extremely slow. I had my interview with L.A. County in early July of 2001 but didn't get offered a job until September 13. It can get frustrating, but try to be patient and continue to be confident in how you performed during the interview(s).

  3. Thanks for the advice and encouragement, Mitch.

    I'm hoping the City of Roanoke moves a little faster for me than L.A. County did for you. They seemed pretty eager to get someone into the position, because it's going to require about 3 months of training and "shadowing" to get the job down pat.

    One thing that I did tonight was put in a few more applications at the mall so that I won't bet solely on the three interviews I've had so far.