Thursday, May 11, 2006

the temperamental mooch

The longer he stays here, the more I’m realizing this is going to suck.

Apparently, my brother has no toiletries. And apparently, the only ones that he seems to want to use in my stash are the expensive ones. And he uses a lot of them.

I went in to the bathroom shortly after he left for God-knows-where (as long as it is not here, I’m fine) and the whole bathroom reeked of an over dose of allure home sport. Not only that, my Molton Brown body wash is quickly dropping. The package suggests a squirt or two, and it looks like he used 20.

Depending on how long he stays, I may have to revert to leaving out Axe and Softsoap and hiding my nicer stuff until I can find another side job, because I can’t afford to replace the good stuff without the Big Green money.

Also apparently, my brother ha no idea how much groceries cost either. While he replaced the bread and milk he hogged in, he’s very unlikely to replace my pomegranate juice, which he been downing like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t know why. It doesn’t taste that great. But it’s there, so somehow he thinks it’s his.

Then there are the DVDs. I record “Martha“on DVD for mom every day and she watches it at night. He comes in and wants to watch some drum corps DVD, and lays Mom’s “Martha” DVD DATA SIDE DOWN onto an old, dusty video tape!. The protective case is only 3 inches away from where he laid it!

When he did it the first time, Mom said to take out his DVD and put hers back in, so I did. That was last night. Today I come back down the hall and he’s done it AGAIN!

To top it off, in his attempt to pummel me into making him like him, he’s on edge on everything I say. He answered the phone and it was for me today and I apparently didn’t pay him the proper gratitude or something. So he bristles up and acts like I’ve hurt his feeling. Stupid little bitch. Even threatens to hang up on the caller because of it. As if that matters.

Anyway, it makes me feel a little better to get this off my chest, though it doesn’t solve anything.