Wednesday, May 26, 2004

That's me.


  1. Hi Steve,
    First of all, GREAT shoe collection. One in particular caught my attention. In 2004, you posted a new Nike shoe that you bought at at Finish Line at Carolina Place in Pineville, Charlotte...The link for that shoe was

    Congrats on an excellent find! I've been searching all over town and the internet to find that exact shoe in that exact color. I've found tons of results for that model, but none in that color. Could you tell me more info on where you bought yours, or provide a model/year info? Thanks so much, and good luck on your future purchases.
    ~Mike (

  2. Mike: Thanks for the compliments. The model number of the shoe you liked is 305618-007. I believe it was a Finish Line exclusive colorway and I bought it at their store at Carolina Place in Pineville, North Carolina in 2004. Happy Hunting!