Saturday, August 22, 2009

top 15 modernist gas stations

Some of America’s best Mid Century Modern architecture is in the form of gas stations, with their simple space requirements and focus on innovative roofs.

Check out this link to pictures of the top 15 modernist gas stations. You can even vote on your favorite one.

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  1. If it was built during the late 1940s to mid-1960s, the building probably falls into the category of "Googie" architecture. See the article at Wikipedia.

  2. Hi, doll! What a fun link, and the pictures--fabulous! My heart belongs in Palm Springs, so I'll have to go with the Albert Frey design.

    I didn't stay to read the comments because some of those people sure were cranky. I don't need that. Who does? Love your blog. You're speakin' my language!

  3. Paramint Joe: Thanks for the comments!

    Vicki: Thanks for the comments as well! You have great taste and wonderful blogs to boot. :-)