Monday, November 20, 2006

the return of the (sometimes) king

We have to get together more often. :-)

My class is finally over! As reported earlier, I had to take the full tax course in order to work at Big Green again this coming tax season…all twelve weeks of it, and all six hours of the exam (it was supposed to be four, but all the students kept getting the wrong refund amount and our teacher kept making us correct our exams to make sure we got our fair share of points.)

But that’s excruciating water under the bridge. The good news is that I get my weekends back through the holidays and hopefully I can clean up the large pile of email and unread magazines I have lying around. You never realize how many magazines you read until you have a stack of them sitting near you that you’ve barely read. Somehow I think I need to cut down, but something tells me I won’t.

This week is a short one at work, so I’m hoping it’ll pass by quickly. I’m not placing bets on this. It’ll probably be balls to the wall insanity as usual.

Then of course there’s Turkey Day…God, I’m so bored with Thanksgiving. Nothing’s open, nothing’s on and the day’s main joy is gorging one’s self with starches and triptophans and listening to overbearing relatives pick fights with each other. The Pilgrims and Native Americans weren’t aiming for this, I’m sure.

Immediately following Thanksgiving…and I mean this literally, is Black Friday., the day that people get up at 5:00 AM to get the same shit they can get at 11:00 AM for the same price. I’m not going to disparage this further, since I’m scheduled to go to Four Seasons Town Centre to Rockin’ Shoppin’ Eve at 1:00 AM Friday and to New York less than 24 hours later. The difference is that I’m just doing it because I like to shop, not because I’m trying to get all my Christmas shopping done or because I’m trying to get a deal.

Then again, if you’re a regular here, you know this already.

There’s so much to comment on in the news that I could be here for a while commenting on it, so I’ll leave it alone. Hope everyone is well out there in Steveland, and if you aren’t I hope whatever’s eating you will get eaten by something bigger before it consumes you.

Music Extra: Cause I Feel Like It
Here are some songs that have been on my mind lately.

Sweetest Somebody I Know - Stevie Wonder Listen
Simply goregeous sentiment and music, previously discussed at the Vox site

Kick, Push - Lupe Fiasco Listen
The backing track kicks butt.

What You Won't Do For Love (20th Anniversary version) - Bobby Caldwell Listen
It's not the original version, but it's the original singer... simply the best interpreter of this classic.

Shine (with Esthero) - Boney James Listen
Dsepite its "morning show" brightness, it's a great track. Who'd have thought Esthero could be this sunny?

Secrets Of Love - Al Jarreau Listen
Everything seems to work on this song.


  1. Im glad that you got through your classes. I am sure that is a relief to have it behind you now.

    Thanksgiving can be a pain sometimes, especially when it involves relatives that we rarely see and hardly get along with. Perhaps you can find a way to enjoy a part of the day yourself, in your private time just reflecting and thanking God for all He has done for you and for who He IS. Perhaps even pray for these relatives that seem annoying. (spoken from experience)They may never change, but your attitude towards them might soften and make it all either a bit humorous or at least tolerable.

    I do not plan to step foot in a store Friday. (though the idea of going to Four Seasons at 1 AM sounds sort of fun just for the experience in a wacked sort of way LOL) Enjoy your holiday though and dont let the small stuff get to you! Muddy

  2. well, if my born-again relatives have prayed for me in the past obviously it has worked! or not so much?......

    you are SO BUSY! I'm glad for you in a way...i can't believe it has been a year since we last discussed turkey day, the four seasons potential drunken shopping binge and tax classes.

    i'm so glad you're heading to ny. i'm sure the extra money in your pocket of late has helped facilitate little side trips like this, and i know you live for them...

    so, that out of the way, i have some things i want you to pick up from my dear friend guido, practically a member of the family--his grandparents and my grandparents came over on a cargo ship during the depression -- out in the warehouse district: a new cpu tower, a prada bag, digital camera and a husband who understands me and caters to my needs. this roll of hundreds should take care of everyting. get yourself a goil and have some laffs on me while's yer at it. the money should be more than enough.....

    enjoy your t-day. i almost booked a ticket for the 'club' but i got a dogsitting gig, so i opted out...

    talk soon...

  3. It’s been way too long since I talked to you and I apologize. I didn’t meant to be so busy, but the combination of tax classes (passed with flying colors), computer based tax training (ongoing and boring), the holidays (fun but time consuming) and finally a trip back to New York over Thanksgiving weekend (too cool but went way too quickly) sealed my fate. In fact, this is the only day I don’t have anything scheduled until this Wednesday.

    Anyway, what I can squeeze out of the non-scheduled part of my life is going well. The family is doing fine, as I hope yours is. And my commitment to pursuing this tax thing again encouraged Kevin to try and get a job with Block as well, so for the first time in five years, he’s gainfully employed! God is good.

    Muddy: Thanksgiving wasn't quite as stressful as I thought it would be. Although the rub was when we scheduled the family Thanksgiving celebration on Friday right before I had to get on the bus, and the celebration ran late...Needless to say, it was touch and go for about two or three hours that night trying to make sure I got everything together.

    I need to post my Four Seasons pictures. It was awesome! There wen't a lot of stores open, but there were major crowds and people seemed to be having a good time

    Heather: Didn't see Guido, and the money disappeared. I should know better than to try to buy the Brooklyn Bridge again. :-)

    We would have loved you at the club; there was so much food and everything was really well-decorated. You would have been so chilled out, I'm telling ya.

    You could have helped me with the photos too; I never can seem to get reliable assistance, and you're all about the reliabilty. Which is yet another reason I like you.

    Miss you much :-)