Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas at Ivey's

J. B. Ivey & Company, Charlotte, North Carolina. Exterior Christmas display at the Uptown store, 1968. (Pat Richardson)

J. B. Ivey & Company, Charlotte, North Carolina. Shoppers on the main floor at Christmas at the Uptown store, 1957. (Pat Richardson)

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  1. Wait a minute.. This post is for December 2. Does visiting your blog throw me into a time warp?

  2. Wow, that Ivey's looks sorta like a castle. They really fixed those places up back then.

  3. D: I've been so busy, I didn't realize I messed up the date ;-)

    Billy: Ivey's was an incredible store. I never saw this store in operation, but these pictures make me wish i could have.

  4. Ivey's was so very upscale.... way more so than Belk or other local stores.

  5. I know. I was heartbroken when they were bought out a few years.