Sunday, January 20, 2008

36(6), day 20 - fragrances in the light

I didn't mention before that I like cologne, at least I don't think I did. It smells good and the bottles are usually pretty cool looking.


  1. I have two recommendations:

    Angel (Thierry Mugler)
    Aqua di Gio

    Both of those fragrances are like Carrie-magnets =)

  2. I do like Aqua di Gio, but I've never smelled Angel. Might have to make a trip to the store :-)

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. I better clarify: I think you have to ask for "Angel for Men" or they'll assume you want the ladies' version. The women's bottle is shaped like a star and the men's has a star on it. Nordstrom's offers $40 refills once you purchase the original bottle, which is pretty sweet.

    I know they have samples, too (you know, like the little travel bottles), but it is always tough to squeeze a sample out of the salespeople unless you're actually buying something...

  4. I'll be sure to pick the right one. It's high time for a trip to Nordstrom and/or Sephora, anyway. :-)

    Back in the day, I used to be able to get enough fragrance samples at the local Leggett store to keep me smelling good for months. They've really cut back, like you said.

  5. I used to wear cologne, that is until I got pregnant 18 years ago. Since then smells (especially perfume smells) bother me. I get headaches and all stopped up by them. Most everything I buy from detergent to soaps and deodorant has to be unscented anymore.

  6. As I get older, everything I have that isn't cologne is becoming unscented. I guess I want to control the fragrance ;-)