Tuesday, January 08, 2008

36(6), day 8 - ancient gift reciept

This is a primitive version of a gift receipt, circa 1993. I found it on an old juicer in a thrift store. I love that old Belk-Leggett logo.


  1. A couple of weeks ago, I was going through some old papers and found a Belk credit card receipt from I think 1990 with my dad's signature. It didn't say what Belk it was though.

  2. I'm lovin' the 36(6) thing you're working on. There is no better way to get to know Steven Swain! I remember back in 2005 when I first started reading your blog and people would razz you about never getting personal. My how we all have changed!! =)

  3. Billy: If you have the store number (found at the top of the receipt, it's possible to look up the location. For example Four Seasons is 465, Hanes Mall is 17, Friendly Center is 25, Burlington is 386. I don't remember what Carolina Circle was :-(

    Carrie: I figured I owed those of y'all that stuck around a little more content. :-).

    A photodiary is a lot more personal than I would have gotten when I started, but it feels right right now. For one thing, I don't have to write and research as much. It can be as spontaneous or random as I'd like :-)