Thursday, September 28, 2006

identitiy theft

Somebody fucked me up.

There is a small but deadly trick you can do in Blogger to enter comments without having an account. You can click on Other and fill in the information manually. How is it deadly? Because there's no way to verify if the person who makes the comment is in fact the actual person.

Apparently somebody hated me or this site enough to wreak havok over at Tressel's World by posting asinine comments as me, alienating just about everybody on that website. Whoever the monster is, he's apparently been at this for a while.

I posted the following over at Tressel's World and I'll repeat it here:

Somebody has played a nasty, nasty trick on both me and you guys.

Listen, I’m the real Steven Swain (the best way to tell is that my picture shows up in the comments section and if you click on the link, a Blogger profile shows up instead of just the website), and I never heard of this site or Coach Tressel until I started getting some messed up emails on my site.

I don’t know you guys, and I don’t follow Buckeye football. Someone apparently put my name and web address on the comment form and pissed everybody off with a bunch of really stupid comments.

I know why they did it. Because I seemed like an easy mark. I'm not mnacho and I frequently post stories about clothes and design. So automatically I gotta be some kind of closet homo and douchebag. I'm no homo, and I'm only a douchebag occasionally ;-)

Rest assured, the real Swain wouldn’t do shit like what happend here. What would be the point? I do my own thing, why would I fault y'all for doing yours? I’m sure nobody believes me, but it’s the truth.

I got too much at stake to fuck with you guys like that. My name and research is all over the internet and I’m pretty much known as “the mall guy” because I like malls and retail. Even if I was stupid enough to do something like what’s been done here, I would be smart enough to at least use a fake name, like somebody did to me apparently.

I’m not going to take up any more space than I have to here, but I do apologize for whoever the hell did this to me and to you. It’s made me pretty angry, and you guys are probably angrier than I am.

Best Vest, please delete the previous comments. I’m not sure who did them, but I will tell you, it’s not the real Swain. I am.
I could go on and on about why and how this hurt me, but there really is no point in doing it. People are going to think what they think. All I can do is apologize for myself (and for him or her that fucked me over) and hope somebody believes me.


  1. Oh man, sorry about that. I hate it when people use the Internet that way. I better keep any eye out for people trying to do that to me.

  2. I never even thought about it happening before. It's made me more aware of what to look out for, and I'm glad it wasn't anything worse.

  3. Steven,

    I read Tressel's World on a regular basis, although he doesn't update the blog too much anymore.

    I imagine you haven't read every post there. I'll save you some time. Everything is a farce there. That is not even the real Jim Tressel. I think it is an Ohio State student who either really loves or really hates the coach. The Michigan coach, Maurice Clarett, Craig Krenzel, John Madden, George Bush, and Paris Hilton, among others, have all "posted" at the site.

    I really thought it was you posting all the "Steven Swain" comments. I thought you were writing silly comments just to add to the inanity of the site. But if I take you at your word, then it wasn't you writing that stuff.

    If it wasn't you it's gotta be one of these three things: an enemy trying to make you look bad, a friend trying to make you look cool, or a random guy who decided to post as "Steven Swain" and link to your blog for whatever reason.

    I don't know. I thought it was you going along with the farcical nature of Tressel's World.

    I wouldn't sweat it too much, because I don't believe it was bad.

  4. Dennis and Pat: It's good to know that I (or the fake me) am welcome over at TW. I like a good farce. I just didn't know why I was getting "FUCK YOU SWAIN" in my comment box from people I never heard of.

    Whoever was doing all that actually was pretty damn funny; he just took it a little too far. Maybe it was Paris or the President. ;-)

    I'm gonna try to stop in there every once in a while just to check up on you guys.

  5. That sucks - but that's the internet for ya. I'm glad you got it figured out.

    ~Kris L

  6. THat blog is very strange. I don't know what to think of it. It seems to be written by frat boy types.

  7. Steve:

    That was your best post yet. Keep up the good work.


  8. Kris: Not only did I figure it out, I found a new blog to check in on. One of these days, the real me will have time to post over there :-)

    Ken: They're nice frat boys, and they're just blowing off a little steam.

    Sleestack: Thanks for the comment and sorry for the somewhat nasty email I sent. I didn't realize what was going on until after I sent it.

  9. Steve:

    No worries regarding the e-mail. I was dishing it out, so I'd better be prepared to take it.

    It's all in fun.

  10. Most definately. To tell the truth, if I hadn't heard from you, I wouldn't have figured out what was going on.