Sunday, September 24, 2006

stuff...and other stuff

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you guys in Steve-land. It seems like I’m always headed somewhere these days. Today, I didn’t head anywhere and it felt weird. I guess it helped me catch up on my rest.

I'm apparently a masochist. I'm going to try to work at the City and Big Green this tax season. I only committed to three days a week at Big Green during the non-peak season, with more when people are actually coming in. That might help me get a bonus this time.

The important thing is getting this god-awful tax class out of the way. The instructor didn't show up the other week, and he tried to cram 5 chapters worth of work into a two chapter space. It didn't work. I learned nothing and I was bored to the point of sleeping between his words. We get a different instructor next week and I'm hoping she'll be better.

The Planning department is a bizarre place. Every day I have some kind of weird situation going on. Some stuff I’d have to see you in person to do justice to because it’s too bizarre for words. One thing that makes things more nuts for me is that we’re at the front line of whoever comes in. And boy do they come in!

One thing I did do that I normally wouldn’t have is that I became a Notary Public. I need it for my job when people come in with affidavits. I’ve done one paper so far, and I’m sure there will be more very soon.

Well, not much else to report, so I’ll close. Talk real soon.


  1. Glad you have some good constructive things going on. Sounds busy-but also sounds very rewarding in the end.

  2. sooo.......i just bought this piece of's in a kind of shady part of the city... y'see i'm from out of town...

    anyway, it's got all this rubble on it. i think the demo crew forgot to clear the construction mess after tearing the building down... it wuz a condemned building, which is why i got it so cheap. anyways, what am i gonna do with all this rubble? is the city gonna take it away? because the neighbors seem kinda pissed and they're pointing fingers-like, and i just flew into town...

    like i say, it's an investment property. can i talk to the manager? does everybody here look like you?

    thanks for stopping by. i can live for weeks on a good compliment. (guess who i stole that from?)

    ditto muddy. just don't make yourself crazy, like 'damn!'

    be good. *hearts*

    ps: i'm still trying to figure out what temporary glitch in blogger you exploited to 'customize' your signature...

  3. Hey SWain,

    I'm telling your paren ts about the other blog.

  4. Hey SackFace:

    Do you ever have anything interesting to write about?

  5. Muddy: If it doesn't kill me first, it'll pay off.

    Heather: You sound just like my customers :-) What I did to change my Blogger signature is click on Other and fill in the information. No big trick, but it worked.

    James: They already know. LOL

    Anonymous: No.