Wednesday, September 06, 2006

mama and what's left of greg brady

I was pretty beat today after work, so I fell asleep watching Mama’s Family on the new ‘I” TV network. There was nothing else on but reality shows, and I actually like Mama’s Family in doses, especially the older ones that still had the Carol Burnett Show influence.

It was a pretty good episode tonight. Vinton and Naomi were celebrating their first wedding anniversary when a series of events led to Mama ending up in their “Honeymoon Suite.” Not exactly Emmy worthy, but not bad.

When I awoke, an infomercial for Time-Life’s ‘70s Music Explosion was on. All those songs brought back great memories, but one of the hosts was TV’s Greg Brady, Barry Williams, and time has not been kind. It was ironic that as they played these old songs, the singers on the videos were so young, while the guy I’ve been seeing all through his youth seemed really worn out.

But anyway…


  1. Really? Worn out? I never got that impression of Barry Williams of late. Older, yes, but not worn out. Perhaps it is a relative thing though. (he will be 52 soon now afterall-and was only in his early 20's then) I would expect some changes. Perhaps Im feeling it a bit more this year because I turn 40. (12 years younger than someone that is worn out? ekkk!!!)

    Seems between one's 20s and 30s there isnt much difference...we slide from one to the other with ease...but thereafter...from 40's on...I think you really start to feel your age a bit more..and notice changes and aging is happening a bit more agressively (and totally forget good grammar apparently from the paragraph above ;) ) Muddy

  2. Man, you are busting my chops left and right this evening ;-)

    Okay, maybe I was little hard on Barry Williams and my grammar was bad (LOL) but It was kind of a shock seeing him as a middle-aged man these days after seeing him grow up on TV