Friday, January 19, 2007

portrait of the mallgeek as a young architecture student

These were done in 1994 for a class I was taking at Virginia Tech. The instructor was pretty laid back, so he wasn't shocked when I picked some fairly ordinary (heavily retail) places as design commentary charettes.

These almost shock me in their clarity. I remember clearly doing these and not thinking a lot about what they were, but looking at them now, I don't know if I have the kind of patience to do all that by hand anymore.

The subject matter shows I haven't changed much since 1994.

We asked this question in college all the freaking time. It became a running gag.

SouthPark isn't much like this anymore.

I was exprimenting with shading. All the cool kids were doing it.


  1. Wow. You're giving me some serious flashbacks, Steve. :)

  2. SouthPark one is cool, especially considering you did that in 1994. (nitpick, Morrison's is on the wrong side).. :) but I think that your work is amazing!

  3. Evan: Yep, it does bring back some memories. I happened to be looking through some old files from that era (as you see I never throw out anything) and stumbled upon those.

    Cantnot: Thanks. man. I did the SouthPark on based on a then-current directory and my memory from a visit right before I did that piece. There are more than a couple inaccuracies :-)

  4. Now that's pretty cool. I found an old "Comic Book" based on Back to the Future I made back in 1997. It has my rendition of the huge Carolina Circle sign. I'll have to upload it to my blog sometime.

  5. Thanks Billy :-)

    I'd love to see that comic book with CCM. In the meantime, the map you posted on Road City is pretty cool!

  6. Very nice flashback for you. Drafting(while I enjoyed it) drove me crazy with how precise it had to be! LOL

  7. Thanks Muddy :-)

    I didn't know you used to draft! That's cool.

  8. I did in high school. Had it not been for the pervert of a teacher I had..I might would have considered going further with it. muddy

  9. Sounds like quite a story.

    I think I'm surrounded by designers :-). The day after you told me you used to draft, I learned my boss at work was a Geography major in college and used to draw her own maps