Tuesday, January 09, 2007

cracks in the tinted glass

Tanglewood Mall, Roanoke, Virginia. East exterior entrance near JCPenney, scheduled to be renovated. Photographed by me circa 2004 for deadmalls.com.

Tanglewood Mall, Roanoke, Virginia. East exterior entrance near JCPenney, scheduled to be renovated. Photographed 1/12/07.

Tanglewood Mall, Roanoke, Virginia. Original pole lamp at east exterior entrance near JCPenney, scheduled to be removed. Photographed 1/12/07.

In addition to these new stores, Tanglewood Mall will commence construction shortly on the Mall’s front entrances as part of the overall continued Mall’s exterior renovations. Construction will begin January 15 on the entrance next to Applebee’s."

Beckie Spaid, Tanglewood Mall Marketing Director

It came in a press release the other day. It was innocuous; a side note compared to the relocation of Hallmark and Stein Mart, but that little paragraph pretty much broke my good mood.

Those are MY entrances (41). Well, at least one of them still is. The exterior entrance at Tanglewood Mall near JCPenney still was in the same configuration that it’s been since 1973. Ever since I can remember, it’s been the same, and it’s been cool.

My The Price Is Right doors will likely disappear. Like I told you earlier, when I was younger, I used to pretend the automatic doors at Tanglewood Mall were my 'set' and I would walk out of them by myself to get that proper Bob Barker feeling. Keep in mind Tanglewood looked a lot like the TPiR set at that time!

Don't get me started about Bob retiring. He needs the rest, but it'll never be the same.

This planned exterior desecration comes on the heels of another relic at Tanglewood recently modernized beyond recognition, the old Woolco building, which was robbed of its exterior Woolco-ness so that T.J. Maxx, Staples, and soon, Stein Mart, would be able to express their more modern 'personalities.' Give me a break.

I know change is inevitable, especially in retail, but let me sulk for a while. (51) This sucks.


  1. I know that while expected for some time now...the anouncement that Bob Barker was retiring did make me sad. I remember when that show started....watching it growing up..and then introducing it to my kids when they were very small. In fact, my daughter Hannah, learned her numbers from watching TPiR.

    Sorry to hear about your mall being changed.

  2. In a way, I think Carolina Circle had somewhat of a TPIR feel to it in its early years via some pictures I've seen (Especially Wards).

  3. Muddy: I can't imagine mornings without Bob Barker. TPiR literally has always been there for me, and it wouldn't be the same show without him. Coupling that with the Tanglewood entrances being changed crashes down a wall of nostalgia.

    Billy: I agree. I can definately see a little TPiR in the old CCM for sure, especially Wards, though Tanglewood is the one I'll more closely link the show with.