Sunday, January 07, 2007

Get Your Kicks from 1986

Photograph by Jeff Harris

Geoff Van Dike
Men's Journal, February 2007 issue

The renaissance of all things ‘80s is, of course, part knowing irony and part earnest appreciation. With the reintroduction of athletic shoes designed in that era, the appeal tends toward the latter.

These were top-of-the-line running and skating shoes, worn by elite athletes. So they’re comfortable. And compared to today’s models, with their “shocks,” built-in stride sensors, and iPod hookups, they’re wonderfully simple.

The offerings shown here feature some new colors, materials, and other design twists, but they are essentially pure, from a time when a sneaker was just a sneaker.


  1. I've been quiet facinated at all the attention the 80's have been getting in various ways everywhere. You hear the music, see the films...see the clothes..hear the references...everywhere. I often find myself interpreting what is what to my kids (I graduated in '85)which is fun. These shoes were ugly then and are ugly now(IMHO)..but very cool to see them reappear in some form...despite all that LOL

  2. I think a lot of kids that were born in the '80s and '90s are facinated by how things were done back in the day, kind of like my generation was facinated with the '60s and '70s.

    It's funny to me because, living through part of that time, it's not as interesting because I've already done those things and worn those clothes.

    The Pumas and Asics were kind of neat in this story, but the rest I could do without. Still, like the writer said, these are simple, cool, and could coordinate with other clothes better than some of the other sneakers out now.