Thursday, December 30, 2004

101 random things about, and by, me

  1. ‘Sesame Street’ rocks.
  2. My favorite cookies are Oreos.
  3. Most people say they like all kinds of music. I really do.
  4. My friends are some of the best people I know.
  5. I love New York.
  6. My favorite beers are Guinness and Yuengling.
  7. I love Martha Stewart.
  8. My brother gets on my nerves but he means well.
  9. I can cook some things really well.
  10. I don’t drive.
  11. Most people don’t understand me at first, but tend to get me after a while.
  12. I can’t swim.
  13. I am in love with the concept of elegance, though I’m a little clunky most times.
  14. My bass and I need more quality time.
  15. I have a mean streak.
  16. Girls always say I’m sweet.
  17. I love fried chicken.
  18. I am in love with Sarah Silverman. And Janeane Garafalo.
  19. I kind of look like Adam Sandler.
  20. I could probably sing if I tried.
  21. I have more shoes than most guys.
  22. I get bored easy.
  23. I can’t dance, but I like trying.
  24. I love fireworks.
  25. Popcorn with butter is good.
  26. I am proud of my nerdiness.
  27. I find Lawrence Welk entertaining.
  28. I have flat feet.
  29. I could spend all day in Barnes & Noble.
  30. Small talk is murder for me.
  31. I love department stores, especially really big ones.
  32. I like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts.
  33. I have no desire to go to Florida or California.
  34. I love being an architect.
  35. I like pancakes; just plain pancakes, margarine and syrup, nothing added.
  36. I like to write.
  37. I like to tell stories, but I’m increasingly bad at it.
  38. I like the mountains of West Virginia.
  39. I love Christmas.
  40. My friend Eddy Hicklin is the funniest guy I know.
  41. I have a special place in my heart for Tanglewood Mall.
  42. I give out too much advice.
  43. I dream in color primarily.
  44. I have a really good sense of direction.
  45. I hardly ever go to the movies.
  46. I’ve got a lot of books.
  47. I’ve only been truly in love once.
  48. I like fur coats on women.
  49. Smart women turn me on.
  50. I like ice cream so much that I’ll eat it in the dead of winter
  51. There’s a part of me that still lives in 1979.
  52. I have a hard time expressing myself.
  53. Sometimes I read tabloids in the supermarket check-out line.
  54. I have a Sears card and I like to use it to buy tools.
  55. There’s a method to my madness.
  56. Sometimes I think I’m destined for greatness.
  57. I love Godiva and Neuhaus chocolates, but I’ll settle for Hershey’s anytime.
  58. The other only two places I would like to live are New York City and southern Wisconsin.
  59. Wal-Mart is fun, but Target is cooler.
  60. There’s a part of me that wants to believe that Michael Jackson is innocent.
  61. I need to lose a few pounds.
  62. I’m a clotheshorse.
  63. I am a liberal, but I have a conservative side.
  64. I’m a little cheap, but I call it being thrifty.
  65. I miss Woolworth.
  66. No eggs, unless you mix them with something appealing.
  67. I’d rather see a Christian than hear about one.
  68. My mom is my favorite person.
  69. I love to shop, but I think I’m more in love with retail itself.
  70. I’m shy.
  71. I’m not crazy about music with lyrics.
  72. I’ve been a Steelers fan since I was 3.
  73. I would love to meet Walter Becker and Donald Fagan.
  74. I write myself notes all the time.
  75. I’m a Virgo.
  76. I’m a Pentecostal and I have felt the Holy Ghost at least once.
  77. Chandeliers are cool.
  78. I’m more like my dad sometimes than I’d like to admit.
  79. I’m a little uncoordinated.
  80. I’m too self-absorbed.
  81. I’m not a poetry fan.
  82. I wonder if there’s life on other planets.
  83. I still get carded in bars.
  84. I’ve become an Orioles fan as of late.
  85. I never grew out of that awkward teenage stage.
  86. Costco rules.
  87. I’ve started writing several books.
  88. I think Conan O’Brien is brilliant.
  89. If I were a Peanuts character, I would be Linus.
  90. I was obsessed with Barry White at one point during my teenage years.
  91. I shot a pig once.
  92. I sometimes use too many big words.
  93. ‘The Great Brain Goes to the Academy’ is a book that stuck with me.
  94. If I was an entertainer, I’d probably sing country music.
  95. I’m hipper than I seem.
  96. Good TV is always the stuff that gets cancelled.
  97. I used to do a Ronald Isley impersonation that cracked people up.
  98. I read too much.
  99. I watch a lot less TV than I used to.
  100. I was the credit card king in the mid ‘90s.
  101. Thanks for reading this list.


  1. You'd like to live in Southern Wisconsin? Why? There's not that much to do. It would get boring really quickly.

  2. I remember looking out the window while riding through Southern Wisconsin and seeing how serene and green everything was. It felt like home.