Friday, December 03, 2004

a pop-culture mix

Check out the following websites and reports:

All-Cereal Restaurant Opens in Philly
How's this for thinking outside the box: a cafe with jammies-clad servers pouring cereal day and night, topping it off with everything from fruit to malted milk balls, and serving it in "bowls" resembling Chinese takeout containers. It's all cereal. Seriously.

Stuck On Stuckey's
Stuckey's was a chain of convenience stores that ruled the roadsides of the South and Midwest for several decades. The stores in the company's heyday featured a "classic [steeply-pitched blue] roadside roofline, complete with (remember this?) the sillouette of a horse drawn carriage with the words 'PECAN SHOPPE' beckoning you off of the asphalt snake to spend a few dollars on roadside art."

The webmaster of this offbeat site is a self-described "confirmed Stuckologist." Complete with anything and everything you'll want to know about the Stuckey's chain, Stuck on Stuckeys is highly reccomended. The vintage '60s radio commercial playing in the background of the home page is reason enough to check it out.
See also: Stuckey's Official Homepage

Hard to believe, but the once mighty Howard Johnson's retaurant chain is down to eleven locations. To relive some of those fried clam memories, check out HoJoLand, which is a extensive retelling of the company's story, complete with pictures of old sites and news on the surviving restaurants.
See also: America's Landmark: Under The Orange Roof
Kevin F. Sherry recently cleaned out his wardrobe, which, due to his pack rat nature, was crammed with clothes he hadn't worn in more than a decade. Among the discarded were 25 sweaters that can generously be described as "hideous." Or, as one critic put it, "Bill Cosby would not wear this." Kevin's defense? "I worked at Marshalls in North Olmsted, Ohio, during high school and got a 15 percent discount. It was cold. It was the late '80s." The horror, the horror.

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