Sunday, December 05, 2004

a matching pair

Doug Rutsch from the Sacramento Bee wrote two artcles that I liked about sneakers and sneakerheads. Check these out:

Taking a shine to shoes
Some teenagers' collections of footwear are incredible feats

Eric Lam walks around with his head down, checking out shoes, ready to talk to anyone wearing legit old-school Jordans or Air Max 95s with wild style. He can spot fakes from a mile away.

And if you think those sweet $30 New Balance "kicks" you picked up at an outlet store are gonna catch his eye, keep dreaming.

Get your kicks
Seven sporty-shoe favorites that let guys leave duct tape behind.

Sure, you can go through [life] with only one pair of shoes - you can even take pride in it, duct taping them until they literally fall apart. New shoes are not for everyone.

But a lot of guys are getting shoe crazy. While women's shoe stores have always been a shopping center staple, most malls now have a couple places that cater to men's shoes as well. And with increased selection comes difficult choices. Different brands, colors, styles - and a big price tag.

This is no impulse buy.

Calm down. With research and a good sense of style, you can get the freshest pair of kicks in school.


  1. Nice article... but they couldn't have picked worse colorways for each of the shoes they described.

  2. This may be kind of old, but thanks for reading about my article. lol

  3. Thanks for looking me up and writing such great articles, Doug.