Wednesday, December 29, 2004

what we searched for in 2004 on the 'net

  1. Paris Hilton A scandalously simple life...
  2. Janet Jackson Wardrobe malfunction of the year
  3. Nick Berg First of many hostages lost to terrorists
  4. Days of Our Lives Serial killing soap opera
  5. Political cartoon powerhouse
  6. Howard Stern Announces his upcoming switch to satellite
  7. John Kerry Presidential hopeful has hopes dashed
  8. Jessica Simpson Ditzy diva has marital mishap
  9. Olympics Athletes converge on Athens
  10. Hurricane Ivan Devastates the south and tomato prices
  11. Lindsay Lohan Teen actress has hit film and debut album
  12. The Passion of the Christ Gibson's controversial film
  13. George W. Bush Secures a second term in office
  14. Usher Tops the charts for much of the year
  15. Firefox Mozilla gets its browser on the playing field
  16. The Apprentice Trump's titanic reality hit
  17. Tara Reid Attempts to out-do Janet's booboo
  18. Mars Rovers Investigate the red planet
  19. Ashlee Simpson Lip-synching mishap on SNL
  20. Scott Peterson Found guilty of murder

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