Thursday, December 02, 2004

spongeTom squareTheft

Here's a mix of the somber and the silly, heavily weighted twards the latter...

Good Night, Tom
It's not every night you can sit at home and watch Peter Jennings on ABC as he watches Tom Brokaw on NBC. But this was not a night like all nights. Tom Brokaw's exit is significant, as the idea of anchor as a network flag-bearer is looking increasingly shaky.

Square Guy Too Cool to Pass Up
SpongeBob SquarePants wasn't doing anyone any harm. A six-foot blow-up version of the Nickelodeon cartoon character had been perched on the roof of a Burger King in St. Mary's County, Maryland for three days, his skinny legs dangling over the edge, his fists triumphantly in the air, smiling that goofy grin of his.

Then along came Steven Simon and his buddy Conrad "C.J." Mercure Jr., both 18, with no car and no clue what to do with themselves in the early hours of Nov. 19.

Mercure said he wondered aloud, "Hey, what if we were to steal that SpongeBob on top of the Burger King?" Seeking to do what others said couldn't be done, he and Simon set out to kidnap the giant cartoon sponge...

Simon Property Group Pulls Its Mall Ad
The Simon Property Group, the owner of shopping malls in North America, said yesterday that it would stop running a print advertisement for its Simon Malls division that pictured the Statue of Liberty next to these words: "Very inspiring. Now, where's the mall?"

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