Monday, October 23, 2006

Mall finds classic music keeps teens away

TAMPERE, Finland, Oct. 23 (UPI) -- At least two towns in Finland have discovered that classical music may not soothe young troublemakers -- but does drive them away.

The Koskikeskus Shopping Center in Tampere broadcasts classic radio from loudspeakers at its back entrance. The entrance, which provides shelter from bad weather, had tended to attract groups of teenagers who hung out to talk and smoke.

During recent construction, the mall was able to test the effect of the music. Sure enough, when the loudspeakers were silent teens gathered again, Helsinki Sonomat reported.

Another town, Lojha, took up the idea this summer, using early church music in a park that had become a teen gathering place. Now, music fills the air from mid-afternoon to 10 p.m.

Local business owners say that vandalism and other problems have dropped since the music began.

The Tampere mall adopted the classical music idea a decade ago, modeling it on successful experiments in the United States and Britain.


  1. The kind of music drives teens away? Usually, the music doesn't drive me away unless it's really really annoying.

  2. What if those dudes (droogs) from
    "A Clockwork Orange" show up?


  3. Billy: You're a little more "old school" than most teenagers though.

    Ken: I had to look that one up...but I guess they didn't think about that :-)

  4. Back in college, I used to be the pianist in a trio. My (excellent) violinist remarked that she and her friends broke into buildings in her wayward NYC high school youth. Ah, those classical music hoodlums!

    It's probably the case that classical music drives most people away...not just the young.

  5. Classical music hoodlums. That's awesome! :-)

    It seems like certain demographics cotton to classical playing in stores more than others. I've heard it occasionally in Barnes & Noble, and it's a staple of the upmarket kitchen stores like Williams-Sonoma.

    Overall though, you can usually count on good ol' reliable soft rock and smooth jazz in most stores. Inoffesive, mainstream and positvley dull most times.

  6. so....they'd break in and set up a guerrilla studio? or they were just rabblerousers despite the generalizations thrust upon c. muz's??

    word to the wise: the harder the scholastic effort rendered (geeks who put in lots and lots of tedious indoor time -- phenominally good students, c. musicians, organic chemists), the more daring and adventurous the extracurricular antics.

    fisherman and loggers don't own the rights to 'work hard, play hard.'

    thank you very much.

    as you were..

  7. I agree with you, Heather. the geeky kids always had the most creative distractions. Too much thought, not enough stuff to use it on :-)

    Occcasionally I'll watch a rerun of Malcolm in the Middle and imagine my old band o' geeks form high school. We used to do some wild stuff. Though Amy and her friends have us beat.