Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Zombies Take Over Monroeville Mall


MONROEVILLE, Pa. -- Most Pittsburghers know zombie movie guru George Romero is a Pittsburgher, too, and his "Night of the Living Dead" and subsequent "living-dead" flicks were shot right here in the burgh.

On Sunday, a special walk to honor Romero might make it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Hundreds of wannabe zombies shuffled through the halls of the Monroeville Mall in an attempt to beat the world record for largest zombie walk.

Parts of Romero's "Dawn of the Dead," the sequel to "Night of the Living Dead," were shot at the mall in 1977.

Just like in the movie, zombies subsist on human brains, but, they're helping those who need more than just grey matter to survive.

"All zombies were encouraged to bring a canned food item with them, and I'm also here to eat some brains," said zombie Ryan Dolton, of Donora.

Before entering, the zombies went through make-up, and dropped off the food items for the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.

Zombies were encouraged to stay in character by just shuffling about, murmuring the word, "Brains." That meant no technology, cell phones or cameras.

As for the record, "I think we got it doubled at this point," said event organizer Professor MC Square. "Pittsburgh is the zombie capital of the world."

Video still from Dawn of the Dead courtesy of Keith at Malls of America.


  1. That's great.. I'd have loved to have seen that. lol

  2. I just wonder who was the former "longest zombie walk" record holder. Maybe a high school?

  3. D: I tried to get some photos from the event, but they were hard to find when I published. There might be some more out there by now.

    Crankster: High School! That's funny as hell!

    Actually, college campuses tend to have more zombies, but that's just a personal oopinion. :-)

  4. "pittsburgh is the zombie capital of the world."

    i can't touch that statement with a 20-foot pole.

    i wonder what jason has to say about that one? maybe i'll hop on over. it's been awhile.

  5. He probably would have a lot to say about it, but I haven't been ovr to see if he covered the story.

  6. Whats going on Steven?

    Im getting back into the blogging buisness, hope all is doing well...


  7. It's going okay, Weill. I've been so busy, it's hard to even get to the blog. You know the feeling, too :-)