Monday, October 09, 2006


You gotta love the display folks at Borders in Winston-Salem :-)


  1. Yeah, you totally do.

    anne coulter has a long head. presumably her boobs (no, not her opinions/followers: her breasticles!) are long as well.

    so are these actually BOTH book covers, or did Borders photoshop the second one?

    anyway, good for sales.

    i once accused jason togyer of having a crush on ann because he couldn't stop talking about how much he loathed her. typically, he didn't respond to my comment, but in a subsequent post, he referred to her as 'my girl ann.'


    we mosquitos do what we do.

    benadryl, stat!

  2. I don't know who Susan Estrich is, but I think I would like her if I met her!

  3. Heather: They're both real books. I couldn't stop laughing about how clever the placement was.

    Consurning Ann Coulter, she's not a bad looking woman, but my dad always told me that Satan would be pretty! ;-) Give me Susan any day, on ideology if nothing else.

    Ken: Susan Estrich was really big in the '88 campaign. Seems like I saw her every time the word Dukakis emintaed from the TV. She's quite knowlegeable and a great author as well. She's held up quite nicely...