Thursday, October 19, 2006

NoVa and RoVa: Welcome to a State Of Disagreement

Style staff, The Washington Post

Recent polls confirm the common assumption that Northern Virginians tend to be much more liberal than those in the rest of the state. In fact, NoVa seems to be a world apart from RoVa (the rest of Virginia). In NoVa, for example, when people speak of a "trailer," they mean a movie ad, and in RoVa "sprawl" is what you do on the couch after Sunday dinner.

Herewith, a few more ways NoVa differs from RoVa:

  • In RoVa, they hope the South will rise again. In NoVa, they hope the souffle will.
  • In NoVa, a lab is the family dog. In RoVa, a lab is the family meth business.
  • In NoVa, people spend their dough at Starbucks, shooting the breeze. In RoVa, people spend time in the breeze, shooting does and bucks.
  • In NoVa, a "fur piece" is something a woman wears on a special occasion. In RoVa, a "fur piece" is unit of distance.
  • In RoVa, people pick blackberries. In NoVa, people click BlackBerrys.
  • In NoVa, they listen to NPR. In RoVa, they listen to the NRA.
  • NoVa has Crate & Barrel. RoVa has Cracker Barrel.
  • NoVa: Chain Bridge. RoVa: Chain saw.
  • In RoVa, they like freshly killed venison. In NoVa, they like Alfred, Lord Tennyson.


  1. Ouch! Some truth here, but I feel like it misses a point or two:

    In NoVa, they whine. In RoVa, they make wine.

  2. COB makes a good point!


  3. I think the article was meant to be tongue-in-cheek...

  4. These little things are usually funny to the people that live there because they "get it". I've seen many that were so funny because they were true! Muddy

  5. you have winemaking facilities/vineyards in Rova?

    yes, whining is a cultural commodity in Nova. in fact, i can't think of a better way to describe the social environment of D.C. as it suits my memory...

    i'm wondering if the beautiful red soil and latitude of RoVa is terribly conducive to winemaking..

    western and eastern Wa? same. W. and E. pennsylvania? texas, montana (with all the hollywood lifestylers settling into the rockies), oregon, massachusetts..?

    who can say really??

  6. Muddy: Some of those jokes were pretty "nside" but they could almost apply to anywhere where two regions are so different than one another.

    Heather: Wine in RoVa? Yeah, there's plenty of vineyards in RoVa. My mom even makes it at home.