Tuesday, January 18, 2005

avoiding a casual mess | fashion tips for the office

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I found this in the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette

  • Cargo pants or jeans are always too casual for the office, says style and business consultant Sherry Maysonave.
  • Well-tailored clothes that fit well always look better than clothes that are too tight or loose. A good tailor is a worthy investment, even if you work in a casual setting. Stretch fabrics are your best bet if you are on a budget, says the Worth Collection’s Stacy Holmen.
  • Never wear shoes that say beach or sports, so flip-flops are out. If you must show toe, never wear sandals without a pedicure.
  • When wearing dress boots with a skirt, make sure they are sleek, polished and conservative. “They are a great option if worn with opaque tights,” says Holmen. Ultra-high heels, and lace-up or work-boot styles are not good matches with a skirt, even in a casual office.
  • For men, designer Joseph Abboud says your shoes should be the best you can afford. In the casual office, invest in a great pair of loafers. No sneakers, unless you work in a gym.
  • Chipped nail polish is a no-no, as is nail art and large nail extensions. If your manicure chips, remove your polish, says Maysonave.
  • Lingerie-style camisoles can add a feminine touch to jackets and cardigans, but never wear them solo or if they show even a hint of your cleavage. “They really work better in the office if you are small-busted and they are under a jacket,” Maysonave says.
  • T-shirts dusted with sequins and embellished with flirty messages and product endorsements are never acceptable. It doesn’t matter which designer made them or how much you paid for them. If you can wear T-shirts in the office, pressed and solid colors such as black, white and gray are best.

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