Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Boy George loses his cool in Chinatown

NEW YORK, Aug. 15 (UPI) -- Singer Boy George cursed and swept dirt at reporters just after he started his first day of community service at the sanitation department in New York.

"Have some dirt!" yelled the 45-year-old singer, as he swept dust onto reporters near the on-ramp to the FDR drive near the Brooklyn Bridge. "Do you think you're better than me?"

Born George O'Dowd, the British pop star had been sentenced to a week of community service after filing a false police report.

"I feel pathetic," O'Dowd told reporters who crowded around him as he tried to push a city-issued trashcan to the curb.

Sanitation officials pulled George and two young co-cleaners off the streets after just two trips outside.

"It's a safety issue," said Deputy Chief Albert Durrell, who pulled back the sanitation van that was supposed to shuttle O'Dowd and the gang around Chinatown for their 8-hour shift.


  1. I heard he almost got into a fight with the reporters after yelling at them. I wonder if the phrase Do you really want to hurt me? was used.

  2. Community service is not a jail sentence. He probably got off easier than most people would for that offense.

    He needs 2 weeks of sweeping.


  3. He deserves everything coming to him.

  4. The thing is that if he was a normal run of the mill person the press would not be even covering this. While his sentence to a week of cleaning hopefully falls within the normal range-the press shouldnt be out there making such a big deal out of it...where he gets special treatment because it is becoming dangerous for him to do his community service??? come on press-not everything is a story ...

  5. Kris: Do you think when it's over he's shout "It's M Miracle?" ;-)

    Ken: No, they didn't exactly throw the book at him. But Boy George in jail would not go well, I'd imagine.

    Jim: I agree. He hadn't exactly been a nice person over the years, and this was a stupid and risky thing to risk jail time over.

    Muddy: The press turned this into a circus. If nobody knew who Boy George was, this wouldn't even be a headline.

  6. Guess that karma kameleon got what he had coming =)

  7. His red, gold and green dreams were nothing like this :-)