Monday, August 14, 2006

Is that me or what :-)


  1. Define "obession" and "accomplishment."

    I can accomplish excellent stalking of unwitting males via the url

  2. I guess I owe you guys a little explanation. The above clip is a snippet from an article in New York magazine about a controversial new development in Brooklyn, which I guess is totally unrelated to what I do here.

    Taken out of context, however, this sentence fragment struck me because it sounded like some kind of mantra for what we bloggers and webmasters do. Most of us have obsessions, and those of us who have websites display them for all of the world to see.

    That's what I mean. :-)

  3. RE: 4

    That makes sense.
    Sadly, I have a bicycling obsession. There's not really anything worthwhile to make a blog out of it though.

  4. You never know, Bill. A bicycling blog could be a pretty coool thing.