Friday, August 11, 2006

the reason why

This is the response to a comment I recently recieved:

Q: Steven, ... where did you get this love of malls? I have never seen somebody have such a fascination of malls before.

A: I guess it started when I was very small, because I don’t remember a time that I didn’t love malls, retail trade, and shopping. The whole thing solidified into what it is now when I discovered the internet and realized that there were people a lot like me out there.

If I can get a little self-indulgent, my particular obsession is a little unique because most mall geeks don’t like to shop and most ‘power-shoppers’ aren’t interested in retail history. I think they’re intrinsically linked and you can’t really have one without the other. I try to cover both in my blogs.


  1. I guess that's sorta how I'm a roadgeek. According to my parents, I would watch the roads even when I was a baby. Although my earliest memories go back as far as 6 years old circa 1996 when I'd as my mom what road we were on.

  2. J'adore. how do you cut through everything so incisively?

    upon review (of many things) I realize that your understanding of me is a privilege to which I'm barely entitled...

    don't get me wrong: people who think i'm a stupid shit are fun...

    so how are YOU?? (quoth the narcissist to the mirror...)


  3. So what have I been up to? A lot of graphics.

    Both days of my weekend have involved pictures. Saturday, I took a bunch of pictures at a class reunion, Sunday; I received a lot of pictures from a friend for LiveMalls. Editing, printing, posting pictures. I’m about graphic-ed out.

  4. Billy: I can tell this has been a lifelong obsession for you. You're very thorough.