Sunday, August 27, 2006

Only 10 pre-WWII store buildings still operating with same name?

According to sfpaul900 at remembering _retail, now that Carson Pirie Scott & Co. is closing its downtown Chicago store, and Marshall Field & Company is becoming Macy's a block away, there are only about 10 pre-WWII department store buildings still operating with their original names.

  • Bloomingdale's 59th & Lexington, NYC 1886
  • Macy's Herald Square, NYC 1902
  • Macy's Parkchester, Bronx, NYC, 1941
  • Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC 1924
  • Saks Fifth Avenue, Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills 1938
  • Bergdorf-Goodman, NYC 1928
  • Lord & Taylor, NYC 1914
  • Lord & Taylor, Manhasset, NY 1941
  • Neiman-Marcus, Dallas 1914
  • Boston Store, Milwaukee (I don't know the date, but it looks to be1920's vintage)
Can anyone think of any others?


  1. While I may be cheating here a little, the Wilkes-Barre downtown store of Boscov's-The Boston Store, still operates, as one of the most profitable in the Boscov chain. Since Boscov never took down the Boston Store sign, this might count as well. Check the site and picture of the store at

  2. Even though it's not technically The Boston Store anymore, that's a good nomination.

  3. Hey, what about the Macy's at Union Square in San Francisco? The building looks old. I think it's been there for ages.

  4. The Union Square Macy's is old enough, to be sure, but it was originally known and O'Connor & Moffat when it was built, which disqulaifies it for this exercise :-)

  5. Hey Steve -- after racking my brain -- the only thing I could thinl of is Von Maur in Davenport Iowa --- what do you think?


  6. Technically they were Petersen Herend von Maur at the time, but I'll still count it :-)