Sunday, February 26, 2006

another one of those days

This is shaping up to be a bad weekend. My internet is acting up because of excess static on our telephone line, so it's taking forever to get everything to process. I'm updating on a wing and a parayer, so don't expect much new content today.

Plus I've been tired because I worked from open to close at Big Green today.

I smoke-screened my infamous co-worker today. I was nice like nothing happened but didn't play. She was working over other co-workers to get that Thursday off, but I wouldn't budge. It felt good to mess with her back!

I did field a few calls Saturday: one from my friend Blair, who's attempting to marry his fiancé for the second time this May (she dropped him at the altar last time) and a couple of my regulars, Kevin and Lou. Kevin and Lou didn't have a lot to say, but they kept me from getting back to Blair, whom I hadn't talked to in ages.

Such is my life. Ugh.


  1. Well hopefully it will get better.
    I have a "wrap-up" of the interview on my blog.

  2. gotdamn gubmint taxes, anywhere'sMonday, February 27, 2006 1:21:00 AM

    Blair's an interesting name for a guy.

    Oh, wait. Is this the baby name/ prospective parent forum? sorry...

    Sounds like you're busting a fair hump for the big green this week, and will perhaps continue to do so until februamarchapril17th.

    Hey! Someone stolded my return! F'ing stealers.

    ...related to stillers, if yinz were to ax me.

    ~miss you

  3. I'm helping people and making extra money, but sometimes it feels like one long nightmare...

    Miss you too...