Friday, February 24, 2006

my neighborhood | weil, sunny and more from billy

A trio of new blogs from three of my online friends:

Grocerying is the latest creation from Sunny, aka cantnot or outisthorough. It's going to be a blog about grocery stores, in a smilar vein to LiveMalls.

Sunny is a good friend, and his department store pictures helped put LiveMalls on the map, so I encourage all of you to check out his new site as well as his older site, North Carolina Malls.

Roanoke's Only Weill is a recent creation by my friend Weill Casey. He was the guy who got the Roanoke forum up and going on UrbanPlanet before circumstances forced him to leave the forum.

His blog is chock full of news and great photographs from all around the Roanoke area. For such a young man, he's an excellent photographer.

Vintage Computer City is the latest site in the Roadgeek Blogring. Created by frequent steve's blog poster and friend Billy Coore, this blog is all about outmoded but lovable electronic technology, which is very appropriate since Billy is the most "old school" teenager I've ever met.