Sunday, February 19, 2006

February 16 article: Hamrick's

Note from Steve: The paper slipped this one past me by posting it online. I’ll give you what they posted below:

Retail Therapy: Hamrick's
Cave Spring Corners gets a fresh face with a familiar focus

Steven Swain

A new retailer is opening soon in the former Kroger space at Cave Spring Corners in Southwest Roanoke County, and it promises to be a breath of fresh air for the Roanoke retail scene. You've got questions, and your Retail Therapist is here to provide answers.

What's Hamrick's?
A 50-year-old, South Carolina-based specialty department store chain that will open its 21st retail location in the Roanoke Valley in March. Readers from the southern part of Timesland may be familiar with its stores in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, N.C.

What do they sell?
Hamrick's specializes in family apparel and offers a small selection of home items. Along with popular national brands including Alfred Dunner, Koret, Savane, Lee, Reebok and Keds, Hamrick's also offers an extensive selection of private label merchandise. Additionally, there are high-quality closeout items in the merchandise mix.

Tell me more about the private labels.
Hamrick's Signature items are made by the company exclusively for its stores. They include Links Knitwear, a casual collection with embroideries and appliques on pants, jackets, tops and capri pants; Southern Lady, a traditional sportswear line including both separates and matched coordinates; Nikki, classic sportswear with a touch of flair; and N Touch and Company Collection, fashion-forward sportswear and pieces from the wrinkle-free Travel Easy group.

Is it pricey?
Not at all. The store's buyers scout deals on fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories. Prices are comparable to most local department stores, with the occasional rock-bottom deal.

How fashionable are we talking here?
The selection will not blow die-hard fashionistas away, but its styles are very appropriate for the Roanoke market: Classic, conservative and tasteful. The looks are similar to the ones you'd find in the old Heironimus stores but a little fresher.

What about special sizes?
Big or tall, short or small, Hamrick's fits them all. There are prominent petite and plus-size sections in most Hamrick's stores, and fashions for juniors, young men and big and tall men.

So what else is special about Hamrick's?
Company policies are family-friendly. Hamrick's is closed on Sundays and offers merchandise discounts for senior citizens on Tuesdays.


  1. Are the others usually posted on the internet as well? How did you get into this type writing? You seem a natural fit for doing it. It appears that they like your style and appreciate your knowledge on topics retail.

    Hamricks-I remember when my mom would want to go and she would get my dad to drive her to the one in W-S. Now of course there is in one in Greensboro. It's been a while, but I did used to find some good jeans there (Lee), and some good prices on shoes.

  2. Thanks for the comments.

    How'd I get into this? A little over a year ago, the paper put out an open call for submissions for shopping tips. I was the only one who responeded, and I was featured in the Thanksgiving 2004 edition.

    A few months passed, and I emailed the editors telling them some retail rumors I heard. They soon offered me my own column and though things have not been perfect, I've run at least twice a month since then.

    Hamrick's and I go back pretty far, too. We used to go to the one in Winston-Salem, too. Mom and her younger sister were wearing the Levi's Bend-Over polyester pants and matching tops to work a lot at the time, and that was the best place to get them.