Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sept. 9 is M-Day for Marshall Field’s

Cincinnati - Marshall Field’s will become Macy’s on Sept. 9 and 10, 2006, according to Federated Department Stores chief Terry J. Lundgren.

Although the decision to convert all Field’s stores to the Macy’s banners was a controversial one, Lundgren has big plans for the Macy’s chain, saying that he wants to advertise Macy’s in new ways so that it becomes a national icon rather than a traditional department store.


  1. The next 12 months will determine the fate of Federated, the Macy's "national brand," and the career of Terry Lundgren. "Black Friday" 2006 will be Judgement Day.

  2. I wish them well, but I don't know if "One Nation Under Macy's" will be successful.