Thursday, February 23, 2006

Martha Stewart homes headed to Charlotte


CHARLOTTE - Homes designed by Martha Stewart and built by KB Home soon will be available in the Charlotte market.

Last year, Stewart's company and the national home builder teamed to create a new subdivision in Cary, which will open next month. That project proved so successful, the two companies announced Wednesday they'll open another in Atlanta this spring; it will be followed by developments in Charlotte, Houston and Las Vegas, and in Florida and California.

Plans call for 1,500 home sites in those cities within the year.

KB spokesman Tim Pittman said the company isn't sure where or when the first homes will be built in Charlotte, but they would be a bit larger and more expensive than those in Cary. The price in that Raleigh suburb ranges from about $180,000 to more than $400,000. "Here, the plan is to start ... in the $400,000 range."

Home buyers will be able to choose from products and design elements in a new "Martha's Choices" line. Categories will include floor coverings, kitchen cabinets, lighting and fixtures, and window treatments.

The Charlotte homes, like those in the Twin Lakes subdivision in Cary, will feature looks inspired by Stewart's personal homes: Lily Pond, Skylands and Katonah.

"We're not talking about a neighborhood of just three models," Pittman said. "It will be a very diverse neighborhood, with features from each of those three houses."

"(The partnership) certainly plays well in the Southeast and in Charlotte," said Fred Vandercook, KB's Charlotte division president. "It's unique; it's upscale."


  1. Great, another 1500 more Martha's. Maybe they will get the free chicken from KFC while baking cookies...

  2. I have to warn you, I'm a Martha fan. Watch her show for a few weeks and you'll be one too. She's not half as bad as people make her out to be.

    I'm sure the subdivision won't bet that much different than an other out there, but I'm sure it will be pretty nice.

  3. I would if I had cable.
    Thats good news for Charlotte.

  4. I don't have cable either, but I see her on WSET-TV every day at 4.

    The signal would be a little fuzzy from Martinsville, I guess. It's not great from here.

  5. Martha rocks my socks. Yeah she's on broadcast TV so you can watch her with rabbit ears.

  6. When she went to jail I had a bunch of old tapes of her shows that Mom and I watched .

    It's been great to have her back, and I'm glad she's doing well.

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