Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Found a Penney in Times Square

Retailer to open “virtual store” in New York

JCPenney Co. Inc. (Plano, Texas) will open a 15,000-square-foot virtual store in New York's Time Square next month, to launch a new spring ad campaign.

The "JCPenney Experience" will coincide with the Academy Awards television presentation on March 5. Penney has been a sponsor of the show for four years.

The store, at 42nd Street and Broadway, will sell items from the company's spring collections, including its large assortment of private brands. Transactions will be completed at interactive kiosks inside the store. Aside from debuting its spring ad campaign during the awards show, Penney said it also will launch a marketing campaign via broadcast and print advertising and online.


  1. The use of the term "virtual" store is really baffling me here. If it's an actual real live store with tangible merchandise, then what the heck is "virtual" about it? It takes up 15,000 sq ft. It takes up space, therefore it is not virtual.

    I think in this day and age, the buzzword "virtual" is being way too overused. I suppose the term is being employed to draw in more people because "virtual" is associated with trendy, technological and high-end. All in all, it is what it is, a JC Penny taking up space in Times Square. There is nothing *virtual* about that.

    False advertising....grrrrr...

  2. They're trying to put a fancy spin on what is basically a glorified catalog sales office. It isn't "virtual" at all. Though when I go to New York this April, I'm gonna have to go see it.