Saturday, February 25, 2006


Would you believe my co-worker actually had the balls to call and ask if I could trade shifts with her (after all that) yesterday afternoon...twice?

She's got some nerve! Of course I said no; she's not getting any more favors.


  1. Well, she seems a little weird.

    Today I'm interviewing Martinsville's Maintaince Manager.

  2. Weird ain't the half of it, man!

    How did the interview go?

  3. Out of curiosity, is she cute? I'm envisioning a snarky disgruntled woman who thinks she's a lot more a vixen than she really is--delusional to the point where she thinks she can shit on people and get away with it because she *hot* (or believes she is...) I could be wrong...

    ~Carrie =)

  4. She's kind of a cross between Cheri Oteri, who used to be on "Saturday Night Live" and Judge Marilyn Milian from "The People's Court."

    She has a decent body because she works out, but the face is aging rapidly. I'd imagine she was real hot in her college days, but as a minivan-driving soccer mom, she's just okay.

    She comes on real strong and seems really nice at first, but she changes quickly when threatened.

  5. I would also imagine she has balls the size of VW Beetles...

  6. Yep. Those too. LOL

    You should have heard her wholesale sympathy operation to get this Thursday off. Her parents are coming into town, and were she not trying to get me fired, I would have helped her out. But luckily, the truth about how she felt reared its head before I became her bitch again.

    Fuck her.