Wednesday, February 22, 2006

some clothing-related thoughts

I'm having a shitty last few days and I'm not in the mood to talk about it yet, but clothes are always a good subject to perk me up, so I'll talk about them :-)

I've been building the sneaker collection a bunch these past few weeks (with no time to photograph, unfortuantely), and then there was the trip to SouthPark last weekend which netted me a pair of two-tone brown Sperry Topsiders, a orange Lacoste polo, and a couple of cheap short sleeved rugbys to match some of the sneakers I've been buying. I told you I was sick. LOL

My Topsiders are pretty conventional-looking, but they had to order them from another store in the Northeast. All the Nordstroms nearby sold out of my size. It's a southern thing, I guess ;-)

The rugbys I got at Finish Line. They have some striped ones for 2/$25 that come in about 6-8 colors. I got a red/blue and a lime/gray, both with white collars. I bought XXLs and they're plenty huge.


  1. Sorry to hear you're having a shitty time, dude.

    When I'm having a shitty time, I eat like Carnie Wilson.

    I guess when you have a shitty time, you shop like Paris Hilton.

    I think you're solution is healthier :)

  2. I'd have to say when my mood tanks, I am combination of the above. When I'm having a crappy time, I eat, shop, and party like Paris Hilton. Starvation, intoxication and sweet-ass clothes sure can perk up one's day! Too bad I can't look like her as well....


  3. Steve,

    Hate to hear you are having a rough time - I need to give you a holler.

    Carrie - you look better than Paris!!



  4. Chris: You're being way too hard on yourself, dude. Stress is a killer though, and if you realize that you have a problem and try to fix it, that's far better than being blissfully unaware. Thanks for the words of support, as always.

    I never realized that I shop more when I'm stressed until I looked at how much more stuff I've bought in times of struggle. And I do tend to chase labels more in cases like that.

    Strangely enough, the Paris Hilton comparison is a fitting analogy. It's almost like I'm trying to prove to the world that I matter by wearing somebody's name that’s famous.

    Of course, Paris tries to prove to the world she matters by wearing somebody who's famous. We are still a little different in that regard LOL

    Carrie: I think you look better than Paris Hilton, like Ken was saying. She's heavily made up and still has a lot of flaws even after a battery of stylists and access to the world's finest plastic surgeons.

    If you can hold a candle to somebody like that just being you, a busy, smart, beautiful and successful Midwestern businesswoman, you don't have much to worry about. :-)

    Ken: Thanks for calling today. I think we both felt better after the time we've been having. BTW, I agree! ;-)