Sunday, July 31, 2005

two headed virginia pack attack

After a search for tickets that led me to Winston-Salem to find a Ticketmaster outlet that would accept out-of-state buyers (see comments on post), I came up short on my quest for Green Bay Packers tickets.

I did, however, get tickets to the Pittsburgh Steelers game in Charlotte in September. :-)

Kevin's going to check on possibly getting tickets for a game in Baltimore or Atlanta, but Charlotte is definately out.

For anyone interested, here's a couple of pictures of me and one of my friends in Packer regalia:

Me in my Packers T-shirt and green and gold Nikes.

My friend Eddy: Packer Fan #1


  1. It is literally impossible to purchase Packer's tickets for a home game at Lambeau...they are sold out for the next 30 years, and there is a 30 year waiting list that people have placed their unborn children on...

  2. I didn't know that. That's so cool that they have such strong fan support at home. Apparently, it's just as strong in Charlotte (and Baltimore [no luck yet :-( ])

    Eddy (above) bought a share of the team a few years ago when they were raising money to keep the franchise afloat. He's a Wisconsin-quality hard-core Packer fan. I've never seen anyone love a team like he does The Pack.

    I wonder if the momentum will hold outside Green Bay when Brett Favre retires. It looks like it might be this year.