Friday, March 10, 2006

march 9 article - i love this bar

This one’s on Choxie chocolates from Target. I thought it came out nice


  1. Congrats on another published, well wrote article!

  2. Thanks Weil. One of the ladies at work was prasisng the article too. :-)

  3. ...another great article, yet not enough to cause me to darken the doors of Target yet after my last round with their ::cough cough:: customer run mean service.

    I saw these candies during Christmas and then Valentines. Something about the packaging turns me off. (but then again...right now I am mad at Target so my view could be tainted).

  4. I can see why you'd still be mad at Target, and I can also see how the funky rerto packaging would be problematic.

    But what's inside the package inside the store is what's important, and it tastes good enough to be worth the trouble.