Tuesday, March 07, 2006

survey says...

The consensus opinion is that I should start an online shoe store. I guess it’s pretty obvious that I like shoes a lot, but I suppose that I had to hear it from the group at large to convince myself.

If I decide to do it though, I want it to be a store that’s distinctively mine. I’ve been helping with the development of another online store, which bears my mark in theory, but isn’t mine. The fact that it isn’t mine has led to some conflicts because I have one vision of what the store should be, and my business partner has another. Those visions clash a lot, but when I have a good merchandising hunch and he agrees, the store sells a lot of stuff.

Back to my store. I like the sound of “my store.” What I want to do is start very small, with a narrow but deep assortment of goods, maybe 3-4 items at a time, but a decent size range. I want it to be unique and quirky, but still relevant to as large a group of consumers as possible. This won’t be the perfect store, but it will be one of the most thoughtfully edited stores on the Web.

I see this going somewhere beside the feet though. I think having some good complimentary items would be helpful. There are a lot of things that I like personally that I feel like need greater exposure, and I also feel that as the store evolves, there will be other things that pop up that people are interested in buying from a merchant like me.

I need some more feedback here, and I know I have a wide range of readers from retailers to average joes, so fire away. Any and all comments would be helpful.

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