Thursday, March 16, 2006

retail therapy goes multimedia

Looks like I got a shout out on's TimesCast. Check it out!

Thanks to Weill for pointing out the mention. I had never checked out the podcasts at the newspaper before.

If you want to just skip ahead to today's story, click here


  1. Can they do that? Post one of your articles in a location/venue unbeknownst to the author? Damn, I'd want to KNOW where lies my fortune and fame, not have to discover it on the oft chance someone I know reads it! You did know about this, didn't you??

    PS: Congratulations on the spreading of your retail influence!!

    ~Carrie =)

  2. Thanks :-)

    Legally, Times-World Corp. (which operates The Roanoke Times) can promote my article in any means they choose because I'm a freelance writer who sold them the story. Most times, I don't know which article will be published unti I see it in the paper.

    I knew that this article would be published in the paper today, but the podcast was a pleasant suprise. Maybe people will read the paper and go to Fresh Market and buy more Blenheim so they'll keep stocking it. :-)