Friday, March 24, 2006

Vans 40 Year History Timeline

Skateboarding shoe pioneer Vans is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Al Cabino, internationally famous sneakerographer and frequent steve's blog poster, brought this cool historic timeline website to my attention. Check it out.


  1. I still have a pair of black and white vans that look like bowling shoes from 1997! Glad I held onto those =)

    Whatever happened to AirWalks?

  2. Airwalk is still around, but most of their stiff is at stores like Payless ShoeSource:

  3. I love Vans...I'm wearing a pair right now.

    Back when I skated, I would bounce between Chuck Taylors (that was when they were cheap) and Vision Street Wear (when they were on sale). I still like the look of Vans low tops and they're just very comfy to boot.

  4. Vans are certainly very popular for many reasons. I've never had any, but my brother does and he swears by them for the comfort (and ex-skater cred).

    As of late, I've gotten into the Chuck Taylors. I have a black pair and I want a white pair. I'm going to wait until they come on sale (or I get a coupon from Foot Locker) to get some more. $40 for a canvas shoe seems a little much.