Tuesday, March 21, 2006

OK, so I started the store

I decided to give it a very timid whirl. I bought a pair of shoes at a good discount and decided to post them online in a new store I'm calling Jack Swain. If you're wondering about the name, it's a shortened version of an old childhood nickname (before you start speculating, the last part is not "off").

Anyway, even though I've been doing the buying and management on the other store, I've never been the guy responsible for the money and shipping. I'm scared nobody will buy my stuff (there WILL be more stuff eventually), I'm scared nobody will pay me, I'm scared I won't send stuff off in time, I'm scared that Kevin will think I'm cutting in on his business. Y'know, typical Steve-style neuroses.

It's making me a bit anxious (can you tell?), but it's a good anxious. Big Green is going to run out soon, and I need something that I can use for side money. A good way to do it would be to combine two of my loves, the internet and shopping, into a cohesive whole. Or something like that.

I'm still curious about what y'all think I should sell. Input? Please?


  1. Glad to see you are doing it through eBay to get your feet wet.

    One thing I do as I list things (especially new things there) is that I look at my competition that is there at the time of my listings. I dont want to be too cheap, I dont want to be too expensive. I want to fall into a good priceline.

    With eBay-if they dont pay, you really dont have much more recourse than you would with having an internet store off eBay...except the feedback aspect of it all. (but that can get messy at times if the person decides to retailate).

    Using paypal should also give you some extra assurances there. You might want to make sure the payment really is in your account before shipping.

    As for shipping, I really wouldn't worry to much about being late. I found that the more I sold, the easier it became to pick two or three "shipping days" in order to not drive myself crazy with going to the post office all the time.

    Try it this time...and then see how it goes. You also might want to consider making a couple of purchases with your name-just so folks can see a little more feedback than 0. It might give them more confidence in making the purchase.

    I've been playing in eBay for two and a half years...buying and selling (you should have seen my living room a couple of times). It has it's good and bad points..but has been a great way to make a little extra come time to buy school books for my kids homeschooling.

  2. That's some good advice, muddy. Thanks! :-)

  3. wish you luck with your new store!

  4. So I've been eyeing this pair of hot pink and black Puma's for a really really long time...maybe you could try selling them in a size 6 1/2 for a good price?? =)

  5. They look like THIS except the background is black and the trim is hot pink.

  6. Weil: Thanks man. I'm going to give it a shot and see how it goes.

    Carrie: Let me see what I can do about your Puma. It's called the Bashy and I may be able to find it somewhere in a 6.5. We may be able to work something out.

  7. Thanks. I was going for something fresh and contemporary, and I think I found it.