Sunday, March 26, 2006

no sale for you

I was out shoe shopping in Charlotte tonight, with Kevin for his store (what else?).

I was also looking for a pair of Pumas that Carrie was after (me being willing to personal shop for anybody, of course, especially for somebody as cute and nice as Carrie). I didn’t find what she was looking for (though I came close), but I did find a Puma I really liked for casual wear (the ones to the left).

I even had a $25 Foot Locker gift certificate (thanks to my Discover card) but I got a little miffed that the color Pumas I wanted wasn’t on sale anywhere, while all the colors I didn’t like were on deep discount. Just my luck.


  1. sex is a great motivator, to be sureMonday, March 27, 2006 2:57:00 AM

    Do you think personal shopping is likely to be fruitful? I ask this because any time I am after any particular style of anything (to say nothing of size color model), I can't find it because each store seems to have bought the same style color size of each and all, whether we're talking power mowers or negligee.

    To a degree, the buyers, through the distributers, control the market.

    Finding rare items, like Carrie's shoes, will present a unique challenge, and perhaps one that you could specialize in.

    Or it's just hit or miss and I missed the boat

  2. In a lot of ways, I think my expertise lies more in tracking down unique items as a personal shopper than stocking a store. I can see where the two would connect, but the thrill of the hunt is sometimes more fun than cleaning the kill.

    Your other point about the blanding, er, branding of American retail is a good one as well. We have so much opportunity to create and have unique stuff that it's baffling that people would settle for the same old shit.

    Very perceptive, by the way.

  3. Aw, thanks for the effort! I saw a pair at Journey's this weekend, but they didn't have the right shade of pink...these were in a light baby pink. I know the hot pink/black ones exist because our buyer wore a pair on our bus trip/plant tour through the hills of Tennesee and I couldn't stop staring at them and wanting them for myself =) I actually went on a shopping date this weekend, and the guy I was with (Vitamin J of MySpace fame) bought a sweet pair of casual brown Puma's. I now feel like I have a find my damn Puma's!!!!!

    PS: I should probably make sure that I really am a 6 1/2 in those shoes if you are serious about finding them. Every manufacturer varies...that is the only drawback to online shoe shopping!!

  4. Definately make sure of your size on those. I don't know if I'll be able to find them, but if I do, I want to make sure they're right.

    I may have to exchange wy new Allen-Edmonds for a smaller size. They fit reasonably well, but they seem a little roomy for a new shoe. If they stretch, I might be in trouble. I bought my regular size (13B) but they seem to be cut for a thicker foot than I have. We'll see.

    Some of my best shoe inspiration comes from looking around, kind of like you do. I notice people's shoes and a lot of times, I'll see a pair I like and track some down for myself.