Saturday, July 08, 2006

china man

I realize posting this will probaly cement my reputation as a fruity eccentric, but I thought I'd mention I started on my china service last night at Belk.

Stop laughing and pointing.

I have always been facinated by china, crystal and flatware. I guess it's hereditary, considering how much of the stuff Mom and I have amassed at the club. My aunts on Mom's side are somewhat obsessed with it as well.

I started on the path to getting my own service a few years ago with the flatware. I saved money each payday for about 3 months to get 12 place settings and a host of serving pieces from the Easton pattern stainless flatware by Oneida. The next goal was to get this china, but I had other priorities and put it off for a while.

It's the Eternal pattern by Lenox. I'm getting the 5-piece place settings and the coordianting accent plate. It's crafted of ivory fine china accented with 24-karat gold in a timeless pattern that will likely never be discontinued.

I'm serious. Stop laughing and pointing.

The price of this stuff is a little exorbinant (though not as bad as you might think), so I devised a plan to buy a setting and accent plate each payday until I get all the dishes I want. That way, I don't go into debt for it, and I get what I want.

Eleven more to go.


  1. you are a 12-piece of workSaturday, July 08, 2006 3:21:00 AM

    I'm really seeing a strong '50's through '70's color palette and pattern scheme in this plate, which seems consistent with your architectural taste. I can just see you devising this plan, this home, this life, in exacting detail, from the smallest pieces up.

    "all the good men are married or gay" was a favored expression among my contemporaries. you exhibit the best traits of both domestication and fabulosity; it should follow that women are beating down your door...?

  2. p.s. stop insulting my broken-record theme of sexual frustration!

    assigning my son to a job at the hostess plant is funny however.....

    shows you whom I really care about...

  3. I am a bit prone to planning in the grandest sense of the word. I get these ideas on color, design, and style and then I try to work them out somehow. I just never figured anyone could see it :-)

    There are plenty of beautiful china patterns out there, but this is the "mother pattern" of so many of them. A classic. When you spend this kind of money, you stick with Mama.

    Thanks for not labeling me for unabashedly liking all this stuff. That's part of your amazingness; it makes me realize that sometimes people who care truly can "get it."

    I wouldn't read too much into the Duracell comment. Even B.B. King said in concert that when things ain't working out, you gotta bring in "Dr. V."

    I think the fellow who you're currently fancying will show up at the right time, and some part of your wish will come true. In full, vivid color ;-)

  4. Have you ever visited Replacements in McLeansville NC (outside of Greensboro off 85/40)? They have a web page as well. Even though your pattern is current, they might have it in stock..sometimes at lower prices. It never hurts to look.

    Also, I know my china is discontinued, but I do see pieces of it (quite a bit actually ) on eBay regularly. Im not finishing out mine yet-but is nice to know it's out there if I ever decide to. Have you thought of possibly dealing with someone through that outlet or are you too wary of the possibility of chips or irregularity(in the pattern)?

  5. It's funny that you guys are so proximate to Replacements. My mother is on their mailing list to replace parts of her service.

    (Dansk..? if so, really old Dansk and likely hard to find and not a very well-distributed pattern --Next to the words 'snotty and minimalist' in the dictionary are a picture of my parents and one of those coffee cups...)

  6. Muddy: I've known about Replacements for a while, but I've never been. It sounds fascinating. That and Furnitureland South are on my list to check out when I have an odd day in the Triad.

    After I read your post, I checked out the site on a lark. They're stocked with several Lenox Eternal pieces, including some monogrammed ones, but nothing in my letter...yet.

    Overall I need more full place settings than individual pieces right now, but they didnt have any full place settings.

    I'll keep checking for stuff I might need. Thanks for the link.

    Heather: Dansk is some really cool stuff, but it's a little " '50s modern" for my taste. I could totally see your mom having it though. My grandma loved stuff like that too.

  7. Check craigslist for china deals I love China too and I bought some great partial sets this way for good prices and I fill the sets from Replacements LTD or from other ads. Good Luck with it have fun.