Thursday, July 20, 2006

christmas in july

I ran into a bunch of interesting articles tonight that are scattered around the last two day's posts. Have fun reading and please comment if so compelled.


  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by. I was just hanging out on my blog which does not rhyme with grog...

    so federated owns carrie, erm, target?

    i wonder what insidious number crunching evil plans they have for her.

    'mathematicians won the war. mathematicians freed us from nazi occupation. mathematicians will dominate global retail politics, if you can stand twin cities winters and reruns of the mary tyler moore show'

  2. I always read your blog. And not just for the 50-cent words. :-)

    Nah, Federated doesn't own Target. Target sold Marshall Field & Company, (former parent of Frederick & Nelson) J.L. Hudson and The Dayton Co. to Federated last year. The former Field's headquarters is now home to Macy's Midwest division.

    From what I know of Target, it seems like Carrie would be a good fit. They're trying to be the bright, innovative and young discount store and she has that in spades. I'm sure they have something that can utilize the best of Carrie.

    The inherent flaw with electronic communication is that the ability to express one’s self is limited by the amount one wants to type. I had some things to do today, and I’m going to have to stop typing and go to bed, but I still have plenty to say.

    Hopefully I’ll get a chance to email you back soon. I miss you last week, but I was probably about as busy as you were coming up with the new cleaning idea. We’ll get it together soon enough.

  3. If you had a one thousand dollar Target gift card, what would you spend it on?? Oh, the possibilities....

  4. I'd buy small appliances first. My blender, electric razor and food processor are all on the fritz.

  5. I've decided on a new computer desk, and then the rest ought to go to commodity items only so that in essence, I am actually saving money and not squandering it on superfluous purchases. Heck, maybe I'll be able to do all of my Christmas shopping with it and not have to deal with the ever-dreaded January Credit Card Bill.

  6. That's pretty sound reasoning. You should do that. That's even better than buying in bulk at Costco :-)

  7. All right then, it's settled: If 'pulling a chris' is to be a euphamism for, ahem, entertaining oneself, then 'doing the pigeon' shall heretofore be our official code word for nookie.

    you're a sick bastard, making that connection.

    "Doin' the pigeon every day!!"

    'cleaning idea?'

    I'm way freaking out of the loop, here...........

  8. That's actually pretty good code. No one would ever expect the most uptight Muppet suth of Sam the Eagle could be connected to "throwin' down." Brilliant!

    Last Wednesday, you made a reference to cleaning, that's what I was going on.