Friday, July 28, 2006

short but earnest

The inherent flaw with blogging is that the ability to express one’s self is limited by the amount one wants (or has time) to type. It seems like all I’ve been doing lately is playing "catch up." Everything seems like it takes forever, yet I never seem to get a lot out of it when it’s going on. It’s a mess.

I hope all is well or at least not horrible. Even though I really haven't had a chance to do much but quip on assorted blogs, I'm still here.

I hope you guys have a happy Friday.


  1. Eh, no worry my friend =)

    It seems the blogosphere is a give-and-take relationship. While some are falling off, others are making up for their lack of blogging with myriad updates. While some are in passive comment-status, others are fervently blogging away.

    I like this balance, since if everyone updated constantly and I was constantly updating, I'd have no time to read and comment on everything. Something's gotta give out here in blogland, and right now it's Steve's turn to be a passive blogger.

    You're just keepin' it real!!

  2. Hey Steve, I know what you mean. When you have 5 blogs like me, some of them get neglected. The 2 blogs that get the least attention are Vintage Computer City and Lost Retail City. A lot of times I just run out of ideas for posts.

  3. I had to give up on myspace - I really could not "stock two shelves", so to speak.

    I generally check your blog, then drop in on mine, Carrie's, and some other folks, so I always find something new.


  4. HEY! Pop on over and take a quiz. I hate fridays in blogland, 'cause you know perfectly well that the only time people do this stuff is when they're at work, in their cubicles, avoiding their boss, mackin' on their cubicle neighbor, drinking red bulls, trying to avoid passing out from a hangover........

  5. Carrie: Fo-shizzle! ;-)

    Billy: That's still some prolific outpout you've got going over on the Roadgeek Blogring.

    Ken: It's probably for the best. You don't want to be like the 45-year-old guy I saw shopping at Aeropostale. Some times you have to let things go if they don't work :-)

    Heather: Fridays do get prettyu dead. this is the most commentct activity I've had on a Friday in ages.

  6. I think I'll just grade the whole thing on a curve. Right now, you're dead average, which is to say your answers are the equivalent of those of my other testers divided by two.

    Good job taking her to the family function, however. Cable bill was the most popular answer up to this point.....

    (of course you'll take her shopping!)

  7. I can live with average. Staistically, I could be baetter, but it could certainly be worse.

    Cable bill? It's so wroong, but I'll bet more people have thught about it than your test sample.

  8. I swear to you. After reading this I have to take a massive shit.


  9. Jason, you win the prize for most original steve's blog post ever :-)