Tuesday, July 25, 2006

pink and black

As I was walking to lunch on Friday, I saw a woman who was 5 feet tall and almost as wide standing in front of Southern Pawn Shop in downtown Roanoke dressed in nothing but a pink and black checkerboard bikini yelling to herself facing the street.

If that visual of that doesn’t give you a laugh, nothing will.


  1. Pink and black has made a comeback. One of the few clothing purchases I made in D.C. (from a boutique in georgetown park--is it still called that?) was a high-legged scoop-neck pink and black one piece suit that was hella flattering. Unfortunately, I was dating this Egyptian piece of garbage (what -- is it racist week with me already?) who couldn't have cared if I wore a veil and a tunic, but I digress. It was a hot little number.

    when my niece and I were at the beach last month, I spied the exact same color and pattern on a bikini that a woman was wearing. "that color scheme is making a comeback"

    "bikinis are so unflattering..."

    One can tell from this comment that she's related to me.

    I'm sure roanoke's own nell carter wore her '80's retro-fab bikini with as much style and abandon as a crazy street person could possibly muster. it is incredibly hot, after all..........

  2. You're teaching the next generation well ;-)

    Haji ddin't know what he was missing with your pink and black ensemble. I'll bet you were cute as hell.

    It's still Georgetown Park, but that place has gone down a lot. M Street and Wisconsin Avenue have become the new brand-name corridors, while GP has a lot of no-name stores inside. It's a strange reversal of fortune for a still-beautiful mall.

  3. Woman in bikini to self while looking in mirror:

    "Damn I look hot...I'm gonna go downtown and strut my stuff!!"

    I have no idea what else she could possibly have been thinking...

  4. Igive her an A for efforet, but an F for the overall effect. :-(

  5. I confess. It was me. I was hoping to run into you on your lunch break, and see? It worked!

    You know you want me.

  6. Gon on with your bad self! You know you got it goin' on! LOL