Monday, July 17, 2006

...sooner than later

Sorry for the lack of content. Saturday was my maternal grandmother's-side's family reunion. Sunday was the Nordstrom Aniversary Sale. After some fever-pitch ironing, it's time for bed.

I'll be be back online later today after work.


  1. were you charged with taking pix?

    tell me you didn't prioritize shopping at nordstrom's july extravaganza....

    actually, I have to help with a move-out of a garage tomorrow for a neighbor and former babysitting client, for no other reason than that he is coaching at football camp and she, an associate, is up to her larynx in semi-anniversary sale. These nordstrom events effect us all: customers, associates, former neighbors/employees who may be parents of spouses of associates...

    we must band together; we must be strong in our greatest time of need: let not the pastel baby clothes, the kaelin sweats, the crazy discounts on men's casuals, distract our women, our children (we have a toddler in the cafe), or ourselves from our appointed purpose: to blog, to work, nay, to thrive!

  2. You've got me beat on updates...I barely have time to read.

  3. Heather: Nice to know they've got the regional effort going. Nordy's is my second favorite Seattle based import ;-)

    Cantnot: I noticed, and I'm quite pleased :-)

    Carrie: I'm behind on reading too. By the time I hit everybody's blog, it takes nearly a half-hour a day. Then again, it's more entertaining and informative than a sitcom, so I'm not complaining. Plus, no reruns.