Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Target Most-Shopped in U.S. Behind Wal-Mart

Chain Store Age

Columbus, Ohio - Target is the second most-shopped retailer in the United States, trailing only Wal-Mart, according to a report by Retail Forward.

In its latest Shopper Update report, Bull's-eye on the Target Shopper, Retail Forward assesses recent consumer research from its monthly ShopperScape on-line survey to develop a profile of the Target shopper.

The survey reveals that one quarter of all U.S. primary household shoppers visit a Target, Target Greatland or SuperTarget store monthly. Additionally, about 66% of Target's past six-month customer base returns to its stores regularly.

However, because Target's geographic coverage is not as pervasive as Wal-Mart’s, it draws much less shopper traffic on a regular basis than does Wal-Mart.


  1. Yeah, I prefer Target over Wal-Mart.

  2. Generally I like Target better too, but I shop at Wal-Mart more.

  3. If I find out any of you out there are Wal*Mart fans, I'll have your throats!!!!


  4. They've been warned. We're rocking the Bullseye 'round here!